Advent Day 8 – Use of home as office

How much use of home as office can you claim from your limited company or as a freelancer?

Many of us have switched to remote work due to the current situation, and it’s essential to understand how to manage our finances efficiently.

Remember, you can claim a portion of your utility bills, internet charges, and more as business expenses.

But, be careful to only claim the part of these costs that relate to your business activities.

It is always recommended to seek advice from an accountant or a tax professional to ensure you’re following the guidelines.

Stay tuned for more tips on managing your finances while working remotely!HMRC have a given rate of £6 a week or £312 a year which can be used with no calculation.

Remember it’s also the incremental cost so 1 room out of 6 and 7 hours out of a 24 hour day. Therefore what seems like a large costs is normally reduced down pretty quick.

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