Advent Day 7 – HMRC Repayment Interest 4.25% Free Christmas Do!

A client with a £20k corporation tax bill has now saved £637.50 and paid for their staff Christmas do

Thanks to our expert team. We worked with an IT company where the Limited company had a corporation tax bill of £20k.

Using our proven accounting method of Xero and Dext to stay on top of the accounts and tax returns we were able to prepare these almost straight away back in April 2023.

In doing this our client then paid all their corporation tax 9 months earlier than the 1 Jan 2024 deadline earning them a whopping 4.25% interest for 9 months in the process.

This free money in a way was then used towards their Christmas do to reward the staff for their efforts over the year.

We love it when a plan like this comes together.

This is what effective tax management looks like sometimes it’s not just tax saving, but effective cash management and talking to a professional advisor to explore all your options.

Stay tuned for more success stories. #TaxSavings #HMRC #FinancialPlanning #SuccessStory